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Planinsko društvo Tržič / Alpine club Tržič

The Dom pod Storžičem mountain hut is popular among sledders in the winter months, while in the warmer months it attracts hikers, mountaineers, mountain bikers, and nature enthusiasts. It stands at an altitude of 1123 meters on the edge of the Jesenje mountain pasture above the upper end of the Lom valley, beneath the northern wall of Storžič mountain.

Built on tradition...

The mountain hut nestled among the mountains is literally located on the edge of the Jesenje alpine pasture above the upper end of the Lom Valley, below the northern wall of Storžič. It all began in 1938, when Tržič mountaineers established the first mountain stop under Storžič in a rented mountain hut. The new mountain hut was built in 1951 and has been renovated several times in the past decades, most recently in 2022.


...building trust with new energy and values


Come to the kingdom of Storžič, where hikers, cyclists, mountaineers, and ski touring enthusiasts can find their own paradise.

We give comfort...

  • In our mountain hut, we can accommodate up to 100 people at once - in two dining areas with 50 seats each.
  • There is also a smaller room that can accommodate 50 people, which is actually a classroom equipped with all the necessary multimedia equipment.
  • The hut has 70 beds; two double rooms, two four-bed rooms, two six-bed rooms and two dormitory rooms (20 and 26 beds).
  • We also have a well-stocked Mountaineering Library with plenty of great mountain reading material, which you can enjoy on our couch.
  • Additionally, there is a space for storing bicycles and other sports equipment.

...and friendliness towards visitors of all types and ages.

In Dom pod Storžičem, we can organize social gatherings, family celebrations, perhaps a meeting for your team, team-building, or a seminar for your employees.


The classroom is equipped with all the necessary equipment for educational activities and wireless connections (wi-fi, projector...).


The youngest ones can test their skills, resourcefulness, and strength on the outdoor playground - a real children's playground.

Storžič invites you not only in winter...

we will welcome you with ski touring or sledding or without them.


Who doesn't know our famous sledging track that, with sufficient snow cover, leads into the valley from the home below Storžič.

...but also in all other seasons.

Hikers know that the home is an excellent starting point for family hikes:

From the home, there is a beautiful view of the nearby north wall of Storžič, which rises above the Jesenje Alpine pasture towards the east and to the right towards the south on Mali Storžič with the ridge of Psica, which falls towards the gap of Mala Poljana between Storžič and Tolsti vrh. Since the home is surrounded by forests, we need to find a suitable viewpoint for the view towards the west and north, a little above the home on the path towards Mala Poljana or below the home on the Alpine pasture. We will see the northern steep walls of Tolsti vrh and Kriške gore, which fall into the Lomščica valley, towards the west Dobrča, and to the right of it Begunjščica; on the northern side of the Lomska valley, the forested Konjščica rises with the famous Bela peč, which protrudes above the slope.


The ascent to the top of Storžič through the via ferrata or a visit to the surrounding Alpine pastures and mountains can be organized with the accompaniment of certified mountain guides.


Near the home, there is a monument to the unfortunate mountaineers and a monument to the fallen soldiers of the Storžič battalion in 1941 in memory of the first victims of World War II under Storžič.

Cyclists can go on a shorter or longer tour in the surroundings of the mountain hut:


Since 2016, the Mountain Hut also has a Mountain Biking Learning Center (TKUC). We provide all the necessary infrastructure for our guests with bikes (bike wash, service workshop, bike storage, washing and drying machines...).

Not hungry or thirsty...

You can choose from a variety of dishes "by the spoonful" and won't go hungry or thirsty during your visit.


We have enriched mountain cuisine with a variety of exceptional desserts, including the unforgettable »Storžiška kepa«, which has become a sort of trademark of our sweet kitchen, along with the apple strudel.


We can also delight you with several types of štruklji and zavitek, each with four different flavors.


If you prefer classic dishes, we offer a mountain breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or all three if you like.

We offer a rich selection of drinks and several types of homemade spirits.

We will be happy to discuss all the desires of larger groups and do our best to meet your expectations.

Opening hours:


  • During the summer season (od 1.6. do 30.9.) the Dom pod Storžičem is open every day.


  • Out of season (od 1.10. do 31.5.) we are open on weekends, from 1 pm on Friday until Sunday evening. For groups, we can also open during the week upon prior arrangement.


  • In winter, if the snow conditions are favorable, the Dom may also be open during the week.



T: +386 4 594 50 50


Hut warden: Jolanda Čarman

Landlord: Stanko Koblar - 040 627 808


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